January 25, 2012

big brows

Why is there a schnauzer in my beauty post you ask? We both have pretty aggressive eyebrows and thank goodness, bold eyebrows are back in this season. While I have always sported a bold eyebrow (too bold in high school, let me tell you) this spring, stars are intentionally attempting to go for thicker, darker brows and it's about time. 
If you are looking for a way to change up your look, going for a thicker brow just might be what you need. It instantly creates more drama and the only elements required are a good waxer (you want bold not unruly) and brow pencil. 

Stars/models that are pulling off the bolder and better look:

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  1. Love this post! As one who also has 'big brows'...also of the brunette variety I always appreciate a great strong brow on a woman. Love Arizona Muse and Jennifer Connelly!